General and Intensive English

English World

English World courses are designed to have an impact on the present and future life of the learner in an international environment. The skills training session provides the practice that students need according to their study goals, such as pronunciation, business English or study skills. The Grammar sessions’ accuracy perfects your grammar skills and works on the eradication of mistakes and common errors.

Full time students receive a short 15 minute coaching session, in which goals are set or reappraised, and progress and course work reviewed. You will develop confidence and skills in a range of speaking situations in the Spoken Performance Workshop. Students that choose this course will also receive an amount of historical, economic, sociological, artistic and cultural topics. This course enables you to develop your all-round skills, as well as allowing special focus on specific areas of interest. Students concentrate on activities, tests and timed exercises to work towards either a test that identifies their abilities and skills in English.