General and Intensive English

General English Evening Course

Live Language offer evening courses in General English at various levels. The day and time of each class depend on the level. Each term is 12 weeks long, however students can start at any time and study for the remainder of the course.Our General English Evening Courses help to develop all your language skills. The courses are suitable for people wishing to brush up their English skills, those who need English for work or people working towards a Cambridge exam. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are covered in the classes as well as grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. The courses, however, are tailored to the needs of the group so, for example, you may find that you and your classmates would like a stronger focus on speaking and listening. In this case, the course material would be adapted to meet these needs. The teacher will also supplement the text with authentic materials such as DVDs, newspapers and magazines. All the class activities and materials are designed to make the lessons lively and allow the learners to communicate in English as much as possible.