IH Aberdeen

You will love IH Aberdeen -a small, friendly school. It has around 70 students and everyone soon knows your name. The staff take time to get to know you, listen to you, help you and teach you.

Students are aged between 18-60, many preparing for entry to university, especially Robert Gordon and Aberdeen universities. You’ll be in a small class (on average 10 students) so you learn English faster. You get to know people quickly, and make lots of friends which makes studying more fun. Located in the north east of Scotland, Aberdeen is an excellent destination to experience the real Scotland.

Aberdeen is a prosperous city of around 300,000 inhabitants and home to 2 world class universities. It’s a small friendly and lively city, offering a year-long calendar of festivals and events and you will be able to enjoy great shopping, beaches, parks, theatres, cinemas, and a vibrant nightlife.

Just 30 minutes of Aberdeen city centre, you can reach the beautiful landscapes Scotland is famous for: hills, mountains, beautiful wildlife, dramatic coastlines and ancient castles are all within easy reach. As such, Aberdeen is a great base for all outdoor sports, such as golf, hill-walking, and mountain biking.