Tradition of Innovation

3130670-scottish-flag-waving-in-the-windScotland is well know for being one of the most inventive nations on Earth.  Scots themselves, as well as the talented international research teams working in our world famous universities, have made many breakthroughs that have changed the way we live and work today. Where would we be without the telephone, television and penicillin?  It’s thanks to Scots that we have these innovations that change and save lives.  This tradition continues on today. Exciting new developments coming out of Scotland in recent years have included the development of 3D computer games and the first ever cloned mammal – Dolly the sheep. So if you want to learn or improve your English in the home of some of the most inspiring and enquiring minds, then Scotland is the place for you.  During your time studying in Scotland you can explore the fascinating past, as well as being part of an exciting future.