English UK Scotland Boosts Scottish Economy


In the year January – December 2012, English UK Scotland members taught 13,749 students in total.  7,866 were juniors, while 5,883 were adults.  Although we had more junior students through our doors, the adults stayed in Scotland for longer, with 19,153 student weeks being recorded at junior level opposed to 32,233 adult student weeks.

Our students come from all over the world.  In Europe we attract the highest number from Italy (12,537) followed by Spain (7,278).  While in Central and South America, Brazil (5,738) by far outperforms all other countries in sending students to Scotland to learn or improve their English.  We also welcome students from the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia (3,333) being the top area for us in that particular region.  In the Far East, we are a popular destination for students from China / Hong Kong (1,119) and Japan (596).

Our 12 member schools have reported that in total these students spent almost seven and a half million pounds on their course and tuition fees overall, followed by four and a half million pounds on their accommodation.  £718,993 was spent on leisure activities arranged through the schools and £23,516 on transport.  These figures are actuals spent through our member schools, so don’t take into account the extra money students will spend outside of their language school in the local area on items such as food and drink, other entertainment and sightseeing activities as well as other travel.

In total English UK Scotland members contributed just under thirteen million pounds to the Scottish economy in 2012.