Top 10 Things to Know About Scotland


  1. Scots are known for giving a warm welcome to visitors, making it a safe place. The locals are friendly people who like to blether (Scottish word for talk), which is great for practicing English as you go in everyday situations, as well as learning in the classroom.
  1. It’s easy to get here with 4 international airports close to our member schools and only around an hour flight from London. There are also good train and road networks.
  1. 2016 is Scotland’s year of innovation architecture & design. 2017 will be the year of history, heritage and archaeology.  A great time to come and celebrate Scotland’s modern environment and historic past.
  1. Each part of the UK has its own local accent, such as the London’s Cockney or Newcastle’s Geordie.  Scottish people also speak in many wonderful accents, but they are no harder to understand than an accent from anywhere else in the UK.  In fact, the Perthshire accent is often said to be the clearest in the whole country.
  1. Average temperature is 5C in winter and 15C in summer. Because Scotland is further north than the rest of the UK, we have longer hours of daylight in summer, so more time to get out and enjoy our beautiful country.
  1. English UK Scotland has 13 member centres located all around Scotland. All are British Council / English UK accredited and regularly inspected, so you can be sure of excellent standards of teaching, facilities and accommodation.
  1. We offer courses for all ages and abilities at competitive prices. Search our course database on this website and find out more about our member schools.
  1. English UK Scotland host an Agent visit each April/May. Email englishukscotland@outlook.com if you would like to be invited next year.
  1. Amazing landscapes and ancient stories are everywhere. You can enjoy the stunning scenery of hills, lochs (Scottish word for lake) and glens that Scotland is famous for.  Exploring castles and soaking up the history all around you is what makes any visit to Scotland so special.
  1. There are so many activities to do in and around Scotland’s beautiful cities – from international festivals to mountain biking. We have schools in 4 cities: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth.  Like our Facebook page facebook/englishukscotland.com to keep up to date with what is going on.